Merry Meet.

My name is Lavender and I am a Wytch of the olde ways. I love all things nature, follow the lunar cycle and enjoy nothing better than spending time with my husband outside with mother nature. Happily married and a mother, I live in Lancashire in the United Kingdom, where I run LavenderWytch, Write, Organise Events, Run Workshops and Officiate Rituals.

I have been a practicing wytch for over thirty years and try to help whenever possible. The olde ways goes back in my family for generations, my ancestors were cunning folk and gypsies, who left behind a legacy I feel very lucky to have known. I love my path and am very proud to be able to continue to use and learn from my ancestors.

I follow the path of my ancestors before me, with a few modern twists to make my journey my own, but I draw from childhood teachings on a regular basis.

I am also a Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Healer and offer Tarot, Wytch Rune Readings, Palmistry and I can read your Tea Leaves.

"I feel a deep connection to my roots every time I read or use the knowledge passed down to me through generations of my family."

All of the herbs I use are either grown at home in our garden or foraged by me from nature.

Everything is hand blended, crafted, charged and blessed by me personally. I genuinely care about every customer and will work with you to make sure your personal needs are met. I am also happy to provide advice, ingredients, gifts and materials you need as well as perform spells, blessings, cleansings, etc on your behalf.

I am an officiant and can help you with Life rites and Ceremonies. It is always with great pride that I lead rituals and I have been blessed to have been part of many peoples important life events.

Please feel free to get in touch if you need information, advice or would like to discuss anything further.

I hope your journey is a magickal one.

Many blessings xXx