Welcome! I’m Lavender and I set up this website not just as part of my business, but also as an online resource and community. My hope is you will find it of use and become part of the family. It is full of information, resources, supplies and of course, magick. I am able to provide you with many wytch services. Advice from a traditional wytch, information, workshops and courses as well as various supplies.

I am a traditional wytch, I follow the old craft that has been taught down from generations before me.

I have been practicing for over twenty five years. I write articles on wytchcraft, run courses and workshops as well as pass on my craft one to one.

I sell all kinds of magickal ingredients for your store cupboard as well as being a supplier of traditional wytchcraft spells, handmade powders, oils and other wytchy items.

I travel around the country with my husband attending various camps and events where you can come along and talk to me, receive healing, a reading or just generally say hello.

Being part of a special day, such as a handfasting, naming or passing, or a ritual is very important to me and I have been lucky enough to lead many. If you are looking for someone to officiate a Ritual or Ceremony please do get in touch for an informal chat.

I can be contacted directly via email or the website contact form. Alternatively you can find me on Facebook. So please do get in touch if I can help in any way.

Please take a look around and feel free to get in touch if you need any assistance.

With best wishes and a magickal day

Lavender xxx